How to choose the right summer cycling clothing

When you go cycling, it is usually advisable that you put on specific cycling clothing. The clothing should be made from a soft fabric material to allow easy breathing and keep you cool and dry throughout the cycling activity. This will not only ensure that you avoid drowning in your own sweat, but it will also keep you comfortable as you carry on with your cycling.

Many cyclists will always find it essential to include good short-sleeved cycling clothing and padded shorts in their wardrobes. Summer cycling clothing made from a high wicking fabric, will always keep you cool and dry as you avoid shedding litres of sweat on long summer rides. Summer cycling clothing is a simple garment in essence that comes in different designs. Although they all try to serve the same purpose, it is usually advisable that you be precise and clear about what you want and if it will best serve your needs.

Therefore, the main purpose of summer cycling clothing is to protect your skin from drowning in sweat, by letting the sweat to easily evaporate from your skin to the outer part of the fabric.

When looking for a good summer cycling clothing, you should always ensure that it provides adequate sun protection. This is because some cycling clothing is made from loose weave fabric that is very light and can let a lot of harmful UV rays through. Since your back is usually exposed to the sun while cycling, it is important that you get appropriate summer cycling clothing that also protects your back from harmful UV rays!

Vintage cycling accessories: a GIST story

Nothing makes us as happy as receiving great feedback, read Cody’s story about our vintage bicycle accessories!

I live in France and ride an old ‘fixie’ that I got from a cycling store in Nice. I’m not a complete bike freak but if there’s one thing I know about riding in France, it’s that you’ve got to do it in style. We go for ‘alley cat’ rides once a week together in a group and that’s the best time to show off new gear. So my bike is pretty nice but it’s nothing to write home about, certainly not among this crowd anyways, but what did have heads turning (whether they liked to admit it or not) was my newest Gist Italia vintage gear.

I have always considered GIST a classy company, but they’ve stepped it up with this new vintage cycling accessories line. For an old-fashioned bike, you need old-fashioned gear. I know there is a constant battle between French and Italian bikes and bike styles, and usually I like to support France but I’ve got to say that this time, I’m going with the Italian.

For their vintage style bike gear, Gist uses authentic Italian leather and cool old canvas material finished off with classic logos. I picked up a perfect leather bike seat that looks fresh from the early 1900s and a classic camel bag to store my clothes and water in while I ride in style. 

Advantages of carbon bike frames

Choosing what kind of bicycle to buy can seem like a daunting task, but in reality the choices are quite simple. One of the first things a cyclist is going to have to keep in mind while shopping for the right bicycle is what material the frame itself should be made from. While it seems like, as a new consumer, there are choices at every turn and nothing is ever just straight and simple, the choice of material for your bicycle frame is a rather easy choice.

Consumers can expect two main choices when it comes to frame material- carbon or aluminum.

The variables at play in choosing between carbon and aluminum are weight, durability, comfort, and price. Carbon frames typically weigh less than aluminum frames and last much longer. Manufacturers put so much faith in carbon frames, in fact, that they may even offer lifetime warranties on them, a perk that may not accompany the less reliable aluminum frame. The carbon frame’s nature makes a cyclist’s ride more comfortable in that it absorbs shock and vibrations. This is fantastic for those who are cycling for joint health, as the reduced vibrations lessen environmental factors in joint pain.

The value of a carbon frame is reflected in its price, however, and this can be a deterrent for some. As the technology further saturates the market, more consumers will be able to enjoy the value of carbon frames, and consumers can expect a decrease in prices.