Vintage bicycle pannier bags, a perfect mix of style and practicality

If you want your bike to look stylish, you can stylise your bike with vintage bicycle pannier bags. Practical, hard wearing, and used by cyclists the world over, these bags combine the use of modern light weight materials with innovative design. You will appreciate the storage capacity, enabling you to carry everything you need, whilst at the same time protecting your luggage from the effects of the weather.

The design of these vintage pannier bags has been carefully conceived to satisfy the most important needs of the touring cyclist. Safety and comfort.
The fixing design ensures that the bike is not ‘top-heavy’ due to the centre of gravity being too high, and in this way the stability and safety of the cycle is maintained. Equally well manufactured using top quality materials, the fixings are easily adaptable to your frame design, and attach securely with a minimum of effort. The rigorous testing of the materials used in manufacture ensures that everything inside stays dry and comfortable!

And now to the important stuff! Does your bike still look good when loaded and ready for your departure? Definitely yes. You will be delighted by the look, blending with the careful design of the bike frame and other accessories, these panniers are far from hard to carry, they actually enhance your cycling experience. However modern your cycle frame, the vintage style and quality of the panniers contrasts with, and thereby complements the overall cycling experience.

Get all your Cycling Accessories Online from Gist Italia

Shopping online for all your cycling accessories with Gist Italia is one way of making sure your bike is kitted out with the best equipment on the modern market. We supply a wide range of bike accessories to suit all your needs. Whether you own a road bike or MTB, you’re sure to find just the right accessories to ensure your bike stands out and you have everything you need at your fingertips.

You can buy all your tapes from Gist to ensure your handlebars are comfortable and you can be assured this is professional grade tape, used by international cyclists and bike teams. Lightweight bottle cages will make sure your drink is always close to hand, so you never become dehydrated when out cycling and our range of ergonomic, wide mouthed bottles are perfect for thirsty cyclists who need to quench their thirst in a hurry. When it comes to ensuring your bike carries all the necessary lights Gist Italia have all your lighting needs in one handy place and you can select your preferred lights from our wide range. Our bags are designed to fit perfectly and you can choose from bike or wheels carrier bags, bike travel bags or saddle bags, and there’s sure to be a bag that will hold everything you need while out cycling.

Gist Italia are committed to providing cyclists with the very best products to enhance their cycling hobby and we’re sure you’ll be delighted with our range of high quality cycle accessories.

MTB Rims

Although frequently ignored, the rim, whether it is an aluminium rim or a carbon fibre hoop, is an important component of your bicycle. It affects your riding in many ways including speed and the entire contraption’s ability to absorb shock and sudden impacts on an uneven track. If you frequently ride on off-road and trail tracks, a lightweight but stiff rim will be quite helpful in pushing you forward faster with minimum effort.

Today’s generation of MTB rims provide road racers with many benefits such as aerodynamic advantage, higher speeds, and reduced cycling effort. These are carbon rims used in BMX, Downhill (DH), and other extreme high-octane racing activities. MTB rims are designed to take maximum strain without folding.

There are, however, several factors you need to consider when buying an MTB rim. These include the size of the rim that fits your bike, weight, number of spokes, width, and diameter. The rim should also match with your riding specialty. For example, lightweight Cross Country (XC) racing rims are not designed for steep descents strewn with boulders while strong DH racing rims can be quite tedious on long rides. Keep in mind that lighter rims provide less rotational weight and therefore better acceleration and faster speeds. This is why lightweight rims are used in cross-country riding. Other MTB racing activities such as downhill (DH) and Freeride (FR) are best suited for bikes equipped with stronger and wider wheels that can take the boulder-strewn track punishment without folding. For a more detailed information and examples of MTB rims, check the buying guides at the Gist Italia website.

The Rise Of The MTB Roller Trainer!

To the untrained eye a MTB roller trainer may look a little peculiar. You may have already watched with amusement at people using one and scoffed “not me!” Of course you could be forgiven for thinking that they’re merely a glorified exercise bike, however here at Gist Italia we’re of a different opinion. So humour us for a little while as we aim to change your perceptions!

At first glance it seems like a strange way of exercising when you’ve physically got a bike to take out on the open road, however using a MTB roller trainer is becoming increasingly popular and with good reason too. One of the main reasons behind the rollers rise in popularity is the convenience it offers. For many serious cyclists the winter months are full of terrible weather, treacherous conditions and riding in darkness. Using a roller will solve this issue and more. Feel like riding at night? Got a spare 5 minutes? Jump on a roller!

If you’ve seen someone using a roller before, you can’t fail to notice how easy it looks – that’s because it is! Using a roller is as easy as a) picking up your bike, b) placing it on the rollers and c) jumping on and riding. This may leave some of you wondering, is it safe to use? Of course the answer to that question is a resounding yes! The spin generated from riding keeps you from falling, much the same as it does when you’re out on the road. This makes rollers the best natural alternative to actual riding.

Find Kardan Frames at Gist Italia

Gist Italia is your one stop online cycle retailer if you’re looking for Kardan frames for your cycling hobby. We supply a variety of frames for road bikes or mountain bikes and you’re sure to be impressed by the top quality of manufacturing on these bikes. Kardan dealers can be hard to find, and sourcing your frame and all your cycling accessories from Gist Italia is a great way to ensure all your cycling needs are met.

Your Kardan frames are fabricated from lightweight carbon and come in a variety of colours, with custom graphics available so you can create the bike of your dreams. You can select a Kardan frame for elektro shifting, the K1 frame features integrated steering wheel and English bottom bracket. The K7 frame has integrated steering wheel and BSA bottom bracket and is super light weighing just over 800g. The heavier Cyclo Cross carbon frame has a 31.6 seat diameter and English bottom bracket, while the Krono frame is heavier still. No matter what requirements you have for high quality Kardan frames, Gist Italia are the Kardan dealers that can provide the right frame to suit all your needs perfectly.

If you’re looking for new Kardan frames for your cycle then it makes sense to get in touch with us to find out all the frames and options we have available to meet your specifications exactly. Our helpful customer service teams are fully trained to help you make the best decision on frames or cycling accessories to keep you and your bike(s) on the road at all times.

Order New MTB Italian Wheels Online

If you enjoy mountain biking and plan to search for new wheels in 2015 or beyond you should check out the range of wheels supplied by Gist Italia. MTB Italian wheels are a great choice for any keen cyclist. Italy has been at the forefront of bicycle and accessory manufacture for many decades now and all the Italian technologies are based on the best comfort and ride for the cyclist. Mountain biking is strenuous and can be hazardous, particularly when weather conditions are extreme. The Gist Italia range of wheels for MTB is aimed at cyclists who don’t want to compromise on quality, yet want value for money.

Keen mountain bikers will understand the benefits of the best wheels, which offer balance coupled with a light weight so speed can be built and maintained. Choosing the best MTB Italian wheels from Gist Italia gives you opportunities to select the best wheels to suit your needs. You could opt for traditional 26″ wheels which are lightweight and feature alloy rims, stainless spokes but can also be changed into tubeless wheels, if needed. Alternatively, 29″ tubeless wheels may give increased balance and speed while adding greater security when riding rough terrain and bumpy ground. If you prefer disc brakes you can order them in 29″, 27.5″ or 26″ from Gist Italia and some of these wheels have the option of turning tubeless, if a separate kit is purchased.

Your safety when mountain biking very much depends on the quality of wheels fitted to your cycle, so play it safe and choose Gist Italia for the best wheels for MTB and all the cycling accessories you could possibly need in future.

Find 29″ Bicycle Wheels at Gist Italia

The lively debate over the benefits and drawbacks of 29″ bicycle wheels has not been resolved but the popularity of these larger wheels is certainly taking over the cycling world. Gist Italia stock a wide range of 29ers and you’re sure to find the best new wheels for your cycle when you shop at our online store. We can assure you of best prices and deliveries and stock a wide range of accessories for your cycling hobby.

Whether you’re looking for 29″ bicycle wheels for your mountain bike or something lightweight for your road bike, we stock the best carbon wheels that are lightweight and won’t add significantly to your cycle weight. Larger wheels are great for rough terrain as they roll over objects much easier, when you’re regularly facing rocks, stone, pebbles and pitted surfaces these large bike wheels perform much better than the standard wheels that were originally fitted to your bike. If you’re planning to change your road bike over to 29ers then you can expect to build and retain speeds much quicker and easier and the choices offered by Gist Italia give you a range of wheel options so you can make an informed decision.

You can select wheels with thin, stainless spokes and custom skids for better performance, while the carbon frames of the Gist Italia wheels help with acceleration. Tubeless tyres for mountain bikes offer you safety and high performance, while being lightweight and giving great balance, which is needed when riding those hills and mountain tracks. Check out Gist Italia for the best wheels, frames, kits and accessories to suit your cycling passions.

Find a New Bicycle Made in Italy

Gist Italia is a great resource for keen cyclists looking for a bike that’s been made in Italy. The Italians are renowned for making the best cycles, partly due to Italian enthusiasm for cycling and road racing from the 1940s onwards. You’ll find lightweight and classic cycles and frames at Gist Italia, as well as durable mountain bikes for off roading. If cycling is your passion then buying a new bicycle made in Italy is a fantastic choice.

If you’re looking for an innovative cycle that provides a comfortable ride and all the most modern and successful construction technologies to ensure great handling, no matter where you’re cycling, then Italian cycles are the best choice for your money. Your new Italian bike will feature the best frames of carbon and you can even build your own custom bike from kit, if you prefer. Sturdy Italian mountain bikes provide all the strength you’ll need when riding at high speeds on rough terrain and you know you can trust these top quality cycles to provide you with the best, safest ride out, no matter what the prevailing weather or ground conditions.

You won’t need to worry about accessories and fittings for your new Italian bike when you choose a cycle from Gist Italia. All the equipment you could possibly require is available from the Gist Italia website and every product is the same high quality as the Italian cycle you choose to purchase from us.

26 bicycle rims: discover the wide choice by Gist

If you’re looking for rims for your bike wheels you need to know the size wheel you’re wanting to accessorise. You’ll find a variety of rims available at Gist Italia and that includes 26 bicycle rims mainly for mountain biking.

You may want to choose a full rim or you could select a partial rim to protect your bike from the worst mud and water splashes. Once your rims are fitted you’ll have the option to ride tubeless if you choose, which is becoming more and more common with modern cyclists. The rims available at Gist Italia have been chosen for their durability and excellent workmanship.

You won’t find a better selection of 26 bicycle rims in one place and once you’ve tried out these rims you’re sure to be more than satisfied. Many of these rims feature an internal arch and triple channel and have been strength boost welded for extra reliability and the machined sidewalls give the most powerful braking effect you’re likely to achieve, alongside sidewall wear indicators which allow you to gauge levels of sidewall wear.

You can search for the lightest available bike rims to ensure you’re not hindered by having to power an altogether heavier bicycle and you’ll be surprised at just how easy they are to fit to your bike. Mountain biking involves a great deal of stresses on you and your bike, with the right wheels giving you best weight levels and speeds you’ll be halfway to meeting your fitness targets and enjoying the best rides of your life.