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26 bicycle rims: discover the wide choice by Gist

If you’re looking for rims for your bike wheels you need to know the size wheel you’re wanting to accessorise. You’ll find a variety of rims available at Gist Italia and that includes 26 bicycle rims mainly for mountain biking.

You may want to choose a full rim or you could select a partial rim to protect your bike from the worst mud and water splashes. Once your rims are fitted you’ll have the option to ride tubeless if you choose, which is becoming more and more common with modern cyclists. The rims available at Gist Italia have been chosen for their durability and excellent workmanship.

You won’t find a better selection of 26 bicycle rims in one place and once you’ve tried out these rims you’re sure to be more than satisfied. Many of these rims feature an internal arch and triple channel and have been strength boost welded for extra reliability and the machined sidewalls give the most powerful braking effect you’re likely to achieve, alongside sidewall wear indicators which allow you to gauge levels of sidewall wear.

You can search for the lightest available bike rims to ensure you’re not hindered by having to power an altogether heavier bicycle and you’ll be surprised at just how easy they are to fit to your bike. Mountain biking involves a great deal of stresses on you and your bike, with the right wheels giving you best weight levels and speeds you’ll be halfway to meeting your fitness targets and enjoying the best rides of your life.

Cycling products, from cycling helmets to lights

If you enjoy cycling you’ll probably want to check out what cycling products and accessories are on the market so you can make the most of your hobby. Some accessories are essential items you’ll need to purchase from the start, these include cycling helmet, puncture repair kit and basic safety gear. When you ride regularly though you’ll want to consider the options for making your bike as comfortable and speedy as possible.

If you plan to go touring with your cycle side saddles are a convenient option, much more comfortable than carrying kit in a backpack. You should also consider the benefits of fitting a more comfortable saddle, impacts and pressure from long hours riding a bike with an unsuitable saddle can cause damage to your pelvic area. Choosing the most comfortable cycling gear and gloves is also important when you plan to spend hours riding.

Some additional cycling products that are great for anybody who plans to tour with their bike include mirrors, cycle computers, lights, water bottles and bottle holders and mudguards to protect your cycle against mud and water splashes.

Many keen cyclists enjoy customizing their bikes so they can achieve better speeds and a more streamlined appearance. You can buy rims and wheels to ensure your bike performs at optimum levels on your chosen surfaces or you may wish to purchase a turbo trainer so you can cycle indoors in winter weather conditions.

The variety of cycle accessories you can purchase is endless. One thing you should always keep in mind though is whether the parts you buy are suitable for your cycle.

Road bicycle crankset importance is often overlooked

One of the first points to remember when buying or setting up your bicycle is that the road bicycle crankset is the point of transmission of your muscular effort into forward movement on the road and is therefore of the utmost importance.
The choice of cranksets available is bewildering, a difficult choice even for the professional cyclist, and in this brief article we will discuss some of the variations now available.

The measurements of the cyclist, hip to knee, knee to ball of foot and many others all have an effect on the comfort and efficiency of the cycle and its rider. Manufacturers of cycle accessories produce a wide range of products, each with its own special character or peculiarities, some of which I will explain here.
One recent innovation has been the non-round chainring. The thinking behind this idea is to even out the mechanical advantage of the pedals for their full circle of movement, since most cyclists press harder on the pedal which is moving down. Another has been the introduction of electric gear shifters and even an attempt at automatic shifting! The possibilities for designers and engineers to improve and refine this basic part of any road bicycle seemingly remain endless.

There is also the ‘look’ of the road bicycle crankset to be considered. A beautifully fine modern frame, fabricated in lightweight alloy or glass fibre, would not look good if fitted with a 1930s road bicycle crankset and gears! I should also mention that a huge variety of ‘experimental’ cranksets have appeared, such as Bent or Rotor cranks, but ultimately it is your choice. If it suits you, make the most of it.

Italian Bicycle Manufacturers Carry On A Proud Legacy

The story of Italian-made bicycles is much more than a compendium of company names and profit/loss statements. When people speak of the ubiquitous Italian “good life”, they call it “la dolce vita”, a phrase known all around the world. The term reaches beyond the tangibles, such as climate, geography and architecture. As wonderful as those things are, it is the “spirit” of Italian life that has so captured the global imagination in the cycling world as well. Italian-made bicycles are another embodiment of that delightful Italian spirit, and it shows.

“Made in Italy” is another well-known phrase with which Italian bicycle manufacturers like to brand their goods because it carries with it the prestige of a high-quality product. To legitimately bear a “made in Italy” sticker is a guarantee of a top-tier bicycle, something Leonardo di Vinci and Gian Giacomo Caprotti may have had in mind when they first sketched their cycle visions, in the late 15th century.

Two famous cyclists from Italy’s “golden age” of cycling, which spanned the 1930’s to the 1950’s, were Fausto Coppi and Gino Bartali, and they rode on Italian cycle frames with names like Bianchi, Bartali, Frejus, Carpano, and Legnano. The cycling “golden age” also led to the emergence of artisan Italian bicycle manufacturers such as Pogliaghi, Marastoni, Masi and Cinelli.

Today, the tradition continues, and Gist is proud to carry on the tradition of Italian bicycle manufacturers by offering the best in cycling products and accessories, including Kardan frames, Fir wheels, and GIST branded clothing.

Advantages of titanium seatposts

When it comes to your bicycle, there are two important features you need to consider: weight and durability.

The problem here with many bicycles is it is either one or the other. Chances are, you are going to find a part that works for your bike in terms of safety and durability, but it is extremely heavy, forcing you to work harder (although it does help burn off additional calories).

On the other hand, if you find something that is light, it most likely is going to become damaged easily, especially if it is on a low-medium price range. With all of issues problems becoming of growing importance to riders of all discipline the engineers and marketers have found the answer in a single word: Titanium.

You really need to stay on the look out for titanium parts since they may make a very significant difference to your cycling.

Titanium is an extremely light and durable material that simply is not going to scuff or become damaged. Due to this, if you need a new bicycle seat post, your best option is to look at titanium seatposts.

This product is likely to make your bicycle lighter, but it is also going to reduce the chance of you sustaining any sort of damage to your bike. That is exactly why it is so important for you to invest in the upgrade of titanium seatposts, it may well be the last type of bike seatpost you ever purchase for yourself!

Italian cycling accessories will still lead on 2015

With the wide variety of bicycle accessories available on the market, it can be challenging to decide on the best product. Italian cycling accessories are rated highly for quality and workmanship, and are sought after worldwide. 2015 is likely to continue the trend of the last few years, in which Italian cycling accessories have been at the top of many riders’ choices.

Cycling accessories such as bike bottle cages, hydration kits and saddle bags are always popular, and workshop tools are essential for any professional or semi-professional rider.

Popular Italian cycling accessories such as adjustable seats, handle bars in various colors and headsets are available at stores such as those carrying our beloved brands, so be sure to check them out!

When you purchase Italian cycling accessories you are assured of quality, innovative designs and top of the range products. Proper clothing can enhance your riding experience and Italian made gloves, socks, overshoes, leg warmers and helmets are available in a range of sizes, designs and colors.

It is important to be able to repair your bike on the road if a breakdown occurs. For this you will require proper tools that are designed specifically for bicycle repairs, and we have you covered. Italian manufacturers offer high quality professional tools, with innovative multi-tools that can be used for roadside repairs. With a case tool kit you will be able to perform almost any type of repair.

Italian cycling accessories are highly sought after and are known for the quality of workmanship, professional manufacturing practices and innovative designs of the products, that is why Gist Italia will keep being your reference for Italian cycling accessories on 2015!

Road cycling wheels: shallow, mid or deep section?

Cyclists know that road cycling wheels are an important asset as they are your main contact with the ground. Your cycle wheels support your body weight and are important in determining the quality of ride.

The rims on your cycle wheels are an important factor in determining quality of ride and are usually shallow section, mid section or deep section, ranging from 25mm to more than 40mm in depth.

Shallow section wheels can be very durable and usually provide a comfortable ride experience. These wheels can be used for any kind of riding and prices range from entry level to more expensive top of the range models.

Mid section wheels are not so popular but they do have a lightweight rim and modern developments in cycle wheels mean they can be ideal for general use, being light enough to use for climbing and fast enough for the open, flat roads.

Deep section wheels provide the highest speeds when flat road riding. They are great for sprinting but are also light enough for mountain riding, when necessary.

When you purchase an entry level cycle it’s likely that shallow section wheels will be fitted as standard.

Italian cycling gear

Are you looking for some of the very best bicycle gear but do not know where to begin? Italian bicycle gear is always a good way to start. This equipment is known for providing quality hardware with exceptional craftsmanship. This way, you can extend the life of your bicycle and also look good doing it, all at the same time.

Bicycle gear is more than just the bicycle you ride. There are additional features you can place on the bicycle and wear yourself. For starters, improving small elements of your bicycle, like the pedals and adding equipment that can help you monitor your performance while on the bicycle can get you to where you are going, how far you have traveled and also give you excellent safety features as well. No matter what sort of additional elements you want to include on your bicycle, you are able to find them with Italian bicycle gear.

Of course, if you want to start off with a new bicycle and are looking for something that can help you perform better than you ever have before, you might just want to check out all of the exceptionally crafted Italian bicycles, as these are some of the best in the world.

What to look for in an Italian crankset

If you’re looking for an Italian crankset for your cycle you’ll want the crankset that’s best suited to your cycling needs. Some cyclists say a stiff crank is better but while for some this is true, you shoud always try and test what are the results you get (and prefer!) from a looser crank.

Another aspects that cyclists say they consider when purchasing this bicycle component is the length of the crank. While you may prefer some to thers, the length of your crank will not significantly effect the power generated or speed attained when you’re cycling, although tests have shown that shorter cranks do give slightly more aerodynamic improvements and feel more comfortable to the rider.

An important factor to consider when looking for an Italian crankset is its weight, which is dependent upon the type of metals used in the fabrication of the crankset and the size of the design.

You’ll find that Italian cranksets vary a great deal in price and materials so you should check all the alternatives in order to find the best crank to suit your needs. Ideally check some online reviews to find out what the experts are saying about the cranksets you’re looking at, or feel free to drop us an email, we’ll be glad to help!

To round up, it does seem that the shorter crank offers some aerodynamic advantages and is a more comfortable fit for the rider, reducing risks of repetitive strain injuries. So when you’re buying a new crankset you may want to opt for a shorter crank that is durable and light!